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The 2023 Season will be broken up into two sessions with a break in the summer months.

Signing up for the 2023 Season will automatically sign you up for both sessions. Teams will stay the same during both sessions.


If you are unable to play in one of the two sessions, please reach out to the Executive Board to hear about other options to still be active.

March 4th – Welcome to Kickball Social Pot Luck

Come kick it and meet the teams!


March 11th - Game 1

Theme & Activity – Team Spirit and Jell-O Shots, wear you team color with PRIDE


  Field ONE = Green (3) vs. Pink (20)

  Field TWO = Purple (0) vs. Aqua (10)  


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Blue (19) vs. Red (1)

  Field TWO = Grey (9) vs. Orange (0)


March 18th - Game 2 & Social Art Ovation Hotel 12 - 3PM

Theme & Activity – St. Patty Day’s wear something green


  Field ONE = Red (5) vs. Purple (14) 

  Field TWO = Orange (4) vs. Blue (8) 


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Aqua (6) vs. Green (9) 

  Field TWO = Pink (2) vs. Grey (11) 

Art Ovation Hotel lobby bar 255 N Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236 1pm - 3pm 


March 25th - Game 3

Theme & Activity – Accessorize and Team Costume - Crazy hats and socks   


  Field ONE = Grey (8) vs. Aqua (1)

  Field TWO = Pink (15) vs. Orange (3)


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Purple (4) vs. Blue (4)

  Field TWO = Green (5) vs. Red (5)


April 1st – Game 4

Theme & Activity – Aprils Fool, pull a friendly prank on another team


  Field ONE = Red (0) vs. Grey (6)

  Field TWO = Blue (15) vs. Green (2)


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Aqua (4) vs. Pink (1) 

  Field TWO = Orange (8)  vs. Purple (4)


April 15th – Game 5

Theme – Mardi Gra & Masquerade Mixer, wear a mask and bring some beads  


  Field ONE = Aqua vs. Orange

  Field TWO = Pink vs. Red


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Grey vs. Blue

  Field TWO = Green vs. Purple



April 22nd – Game 6  

Theme – Drag Race & Wig, wear a wig and lipstick   


  Field ONE = Green vs. Orange

  Field TWO = Purple vs. Grey


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Blue vs. Pink

  Field TWO = Red vs. Aqua


April 29th – Game 7

Theme & Activity – PRIDE, Wear rainbow and bring the glitter


  Field ONE = Pink vs. Purple  

  Field TWO = Aqua vs. Blue


11:00 AM

  Field ONE = Orange vs. Red

  Field TWO = Green vs. Grey


May 6th – Spring Session Mini Tournament  


Additional Activities as league Participation


Saturday March 11th

    Manatee Pride @ Rossi Park at Bradenton Riverwalk 12 – 5PM  


Sunday, March 12th

     99Bottles Project Pride Fundraiser 3 – 9PM


Saturday, April 1st

     Mothers Helping Mothers Clothing Drive 10 - 1PM 


Saturday, May 13th

     Fabulous Arts & Music Festival @ Fogartyville Community Arts Center 2:30PM  


Saturday, June 3rd

      The Grand Carnival by Project Pride @ Circus Arts Conservatory 7 - 10PM


Saturday, June th10th

   Silver Pride @ Senior Friendship Center 12 – 5PM


Official sign ups close 2/14/2023. 

Team Setup

There are multiple ways to sign up to join a team this year. Read the description below and make your selection. Teams typically consist of 10-14 players.

Individual Sign Up: Sign up by yourself, you can list up to 3 friends or family whom you'd like to have on your team. All other players will be added to create a full team.

Team Sign Up: Sign up as a whole team, only one individual needs to complete this form. All players must be listed at sign-up. Teams must have a minimum of 10 individuals.

Play Only as a Substitute: Can't play every week? Sign up to be on the substitute team and play when you can and when 

Game Location

Games will be played at the below address unless otherwise stated:

Bee Ridge Park

4430 S Lockwood Ridge Rd,

Sarasota, FL 34231

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