The 2022 Season will be broken up into two sessions with a break in the summer months.

Signing up for the 2022 Season will automatically sign you up for both sessions. Teams will stay the same during both sessions.


If you are unable to play in one of the two sessions, please reach out to the Executive Board to hear about other options to still be active.

Fall Schedule 2022


Saturday, September 10th 10:30 AM - Signup Social and cookout!

  • Cookout hosted in conjunction with Project Pride at Bee Ridge Park

  • Potluck style - league members bring a side dish to share.

  • BYOB and chairs

  • We'll have kickballs, corn hole, bucket ball (yard pong), frisbee, etc.

  • 50/50 Raffle to help raise money for the upcoming season


Saturday, October 8th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – First Game and Social

"They call me crazy.  They call me sexy.  They call me Jane.  That’s not my name..."

Slap on a name tag & get to know the other players!

  • Welcome Back Returning Players

  • Introduce New Players

  • Introduce Umpires

  • Brief reminder of rules & safe game play

  • 1st fall pitch by Project Pride

  • Social - O'Leary's after the games (5 Bayfront Dr., Sarasota, FL 34236)


Saturday, October 15th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Second Game

"Let's Have a #PajamaParty"

  • Roll out of bed and join us for kickball!  Whether you're trying to look sexy or silly, put on your PJs, grab your nightcap, and come play with our balls!


Saturday, October 22nd 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Third Game & DOUBLE HEADER & Social 

"Did Someone Say, Food Truck?"

  • Come early, stay late!  Spend time at the park kicking it with your teammates and getting rowdy with your rivals. 

  • Makeup game from Spring – each team will play twice!


Saturday, October 29th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Fourth Game

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween ''...Kickballin in Costume. This isn't a game for your Mummy!

Prizes awarded:

  • Best Dressed

  • Best Group Costume

  • Most Intricate Costume

  • Crowd Favorite

  • Last Minute Costume


Saturday, November 5th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Fifth Game and Social

"Keeping It Simple & Sassy"

  • Just some good old-fashioned kickball

  • 50/50 Raffle to help raise money for the league

  • Social - Sun King Brewing after the games (1215 Mango Ave, Sarasota, FL 34237)


Saturday, November 12th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Sixth Game

"We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do.  We've Got Spirit, how 'Bout You?"

  • Show your team spirit by donning as much of your team's color as possible.  Roy G. Biv has nothing on you, baby!


Saturday, November 19th 10:00 AM at Bee Ridge Park – Tournament and Social 

Tournament & Friendsgiving Potluck

  • Potluck hosted at Pavilion at Bee Ridge Park - league members to bring a side dish, dessert to share

  • BYOB and chairs

  • Awards

  • Board elections 

Team Setup

There are multiple ways to sign up to join a team this year. Read the description below and make your selection. Teams typically consist of 10-14 players.

Individual Sign Up: Sign up by yourself, you can list up to 3 friends or family whom you'd like to have on your team. All other players will be added to create a full team.

Team Sign Up: Sign up as a whole team, only one individual needs to complete this form. All players must be listed at sign-up. Teams must have a minimum of 10 individuals.

Play Only as a Substitute: Can't play every week? Sign up to be on the substitute team and play when you can and when 

Game Location

Games will be played at the below 

address unless otherwise stated:

Bee Ridge Park

4430 S Lockwood Ridge Rd,

Sarasota, FL 34231